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Marzy Maddox is a prog-rock band with a unique blend of raw energy and sophisticated musicality giving you the experience of hearing something new and fresh. Yet with unforgettable and addictive melodies, you feel as though you've connected with an old friend. The music is mature but at the same time youthful and persistent.

Phoenix Johnson, the founding member of Marzy Maddox, is the lead vocalist and bassist. His soaring and unique vocals evoke pure joy and aching melancholy: all in one breath. He joins forces with the melodic, crunchy guitar finesse of Matt Earp who deftly weaves lead and rhythm guitar into one force majeure, along with Colin Waddington's aggressive, dynamic, and versatile drum work, delivering the cornerstone of the band's groove and energy.

The gents of Marzy Maddox met in Frederick, MD and the band materialized in August 2014. Their latest EP, "The Tragic Fate of Arthur Volunte" has garnered critical praise and acclaim, acknowledging their unique artistry and creativity. Their live performances are memorable and satisfying as they deliver themselves body and soul to their audience.‚Äč

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